• Special Offer Rosary Twine, Limited Qtys Available

    Rosary twine, select colors, limited quantities available. Size 36, Nylon, Made in USA

    USARose colorsRose FlRose RWB This Rosary twine size is 36 with approx 512' on a 1 lb. spool. These Special Value spools consist of two or more pieces of twine, so you will have one or more knots. Because of this, the twine is sold at an exceptionally low price. It is made under the same demanding requirements that are used in making our white twine and then it is dyed before it is put on the spool to assure a uniform, lasting color.

    ColorStock NumberPrice per 1 Lb spool
    Any quantity
    black-$ 8.50(Gone, order TWR-BK instead)
    golden yellow-$ 8.50(Gone, order TWR-Y instead)
    neon yellowTWRV-N$ 8.50Limited quantities available!
    green-$ 8.50(Gone, order TWR-G instead)
    hot pinkTWRV-P$ 8.50Limited quantities available!
    neon orange-$ 8.50(Gone, order TWR-O instead)
    redTWRV-R$ 8.50Limited quantities available!
    blueTWRV-B$ 8.50Limited quantities available!
    limeTWRV-L$ 8.50Limited quantities available!
    brown-$ 8.50(Gone, order TWR-BR instead)
    khakiTWRV-K$ 8.50Limited quantities available!
    red/white/blueTWRV-RWB$ 8.50Limited quantities available!
    purple-$ 8.50(Gone, order TWR-PU instead)
    white-$ 8.50(Gone, order TWR-W instead)


    Fisherman's Choice Rosary Twine wrapperDownload "The Gift" PDF for directions on how to make a Rosary.

  • Specials and/or close outs

    O'Shaughnessy Forged 44306GT, 44306S hooks

    Closeout Hooks

    Prices reduced due to small eyes.

    O'Shaughnessy Forged Gra-Tin No. 44306GT

    Size100 Hooks per pack
    Price per Pack
    1 - 9 packs10 packs and up
    1/0HS-F1$ 4.15$ 3.73
    2/0HS-F2$ 4.77$ 4.30
    3/0HS-F3$ 5.54$ 4.98
    4/0HS-F4$ 7.01$ 6.31
    5/0HS-F5$ 8.24$ 7.41

    O'Shaughnessy Forged Stainless Steel No. 44306S

    Size100 Hooks per pack
    Price per Pack
    1 - 9 packs10 packs and up
    5/0HS-S5$ 16.85$ 15.17

    Overstock Twine

    Overstock Twine

    (rolls may have knots)
    Stk. No.SizeDescriptionLengthRolls to SellPrice
    TW-Y18C218Fl.yellow braid250'34$ 1.75
    TW-G36361/4 lb. Green twist128'49$ 1.75
    TW-Y18C518Fl. yellow braid500'30$ 3.45
    TW-H60601 lb. Green braid325'58$ 10.00
    TW-H48481 lb. Green braid425'22$ 10.00
    TW-G72721 lb. Green twist239'41$ 6.90
    TW-S18M118White twist1000'44$ 5.00
    TW-T9Q91/4 lb. Tarred twist486'5$ 1.75
    TW-36Q361/4 lb. Tarred twist115'73$ 1.75
    TW-7Q71/4 lb. White twist777'65$ 1.25
    TW-18Q181/4 lb. White twist282'50$ 1.25
    TW-S9Q91/4 lb. White twist540'51$ 1.25
    TW-21Q211/4 1b. White twist222'39$ 1.25

    Save 20% to 30% on these Nets

    Type NetDepthType MaterialSquare MeshLengthNumber to SellT & B RopeOther FeaturesStock NumberPrice Each
    Bait Seine10'Ace1/4"12'11/8"SB-3 float every 18", #16 lead every 12"SSN-14$ 51.00


    (Short Pieces)
    Stock NumberMono SizeSquare MeshMesh DeepNo. Lbs.Sale Price
    M10S-245104"172.1$ 39.90

    Over Runs and/or Non-stocked Sizes

    Any Quantity, Per Lb.
    Stock NumberTwine SizeSq. MeshMesh DeepLbs. To SellPrice Per Lb.
    N9-102791"279.9$ 7.49
    N9-150991 1/2"918$ 7.49
    N15-1015151"1515.7$ 7.49
    N15-1017151"17113.7$ 7.49
    N15-1129151 1/8"2954$ 7.49
    N15-1136151 1/8"36548$ 7.49
    N15-1226151 1/4"2665.6$ 7.49
    N15-1524151 1/2"24103.5$ 7.49
    N15-2009152"915$ 7.49
    N15-2019152"1937.2$ 6.99
    N15-2020152"20136.7$ 7.49
    N15-2021152"2110$ 7.49
    N15-2511152 1/2"1160$ 7.49
    N15-3039153"39366.4$ 6.99
    N15-4019154"1964.8$ 7.49
    N15-4021154"2123.8$ 7.49
    N18-2010182"1033$ 7.49
    N18-2015182"1521.2$ 7.49
    N18-2022182"228.5$ 7.49
    N18-3016183"16121.2$ 7.49
    N18-3503183 1/2"35$ 7.49

    Defective Nylon Gill Netting

    Most of this netting has the selvage missing in places and/or slip knots

    Stock NumberMesh SizeDepthLbs. To SellPrice Per Lb.
    #69 Netting - $7.75 lb.
    N1D-20202"4"206'43.5$ 7.75
    #104 Netting - $6.70 lb.
    N2D-20202"4"206'13.8$ 6.70
    N2D-30133"6"136'63.2$ 6.70
    #139 Netting - $6.00 lb.
    N3D-32123 1/4"6 1/2"126'62.7$ 6.00

    Defective Nylon Netting (White)

    Under 25 lbs: $5.00 lb.
    25 lbs. or more: $4.50 lb.
    Stock NumberTwine SizeSq. MeshMesh DeepLbs. To SellPrice under 25 lbsPrice 25 lbs or more

    Defective Nylon Netting (Black)

    Under 25 lbs: $5.00 lb.
    25 lbs. or more: $4.50 lb.
    Stock NumberTwine SizeSq. MeshMesh DeepLbs. To SellPrice under 25 lbsPrice 25 lbs or more
    N21BD-37054211 7/8"54300$ 5.00$ 4.50
    N21BD-37063211 7/8"63328$ 5.00$ 4.50
    N36BD-1863361 7/8"63284.3$ 5.00$ 4.50

    Over Run Netting (Black)

    Stock NumberTwine SizeSq. MeshMesh DeepLbs. To SellPrice per lb.
    N15B-1720151 3/4"2089.9$ 7.49
    N21B-37014211 7/8"1444.2$ 7.49
    N21B-37023211 7/8"23119.6$ 7.49
    N21B-3020213"2084.3$ 7.49
    N36B-37009361 7/8"913.4$ 7.49
    N36B-2525362 1/2"2532$ 7.49


    Great for gilley suits, deer or duck blinds

    Approx. 300' long per roll
    Colors: Dark Brown, Tan, Burnt Orange

    Stock Number BURLAP

    Price per roll: $ 10.00

    Deer Stand Seat Netting

    Most comfortable seat ever made. Made from 100% nylon netting. The netting has been dyed black. One pound of netting will make approximately 2-3 seats.

    Stretch netting around seat frame, cut to length, tie together with twine.
    May require disassembly of stand.

    Stock Number Price
    Netting N30B-1515 per lb. $ 9.95
    Twine TWT-30Q per 1/4 lb. spool $ 3.46
    Premade seats are available in the following widths:
    ALL-16 21" wide, $ 10.00 each
    ALL-19 24" wide, $ 10.00 each

    Nylon Flag Netting

    Short Pieces
    Stock NumberTwine SizeSq. MeshFeet DeepLengthNo. to SellPrice
    FNN-S484A1043"6'100'49$ 20.18
    FNN-S485A1043"8'100'42$ 21.00
    FNN-S4801394"6'130'1$ 26.50
    FNN-S4822084"14'300'1$ 90.50

  • Over Stocked Batting Cages

    Diamond Mesh

    Over Stocked Batting Cages

    Stock NumberTwine SizeDescriptionQty.Price
    S-C20#369'H 12'W 70'L1$ 666.00

  • Caps

    Nets & More Hat Camo Black
    Nets & More Hat Camo Khaki
    Nets & More Hat Frayed Green
    Nets & More Hat Frayed Khaki
    Nets & More Hat Frayed White
    Nets & More Hat Lightning Black
    Lightning Black
    Nets & More Hat Lightning Green
    Lightning Green
    Nets & More Hat Lightning Khaki
    Lightning Khaki

    Stock NumberStylePrice Each
    A-CCBCamo/Black$ 5.00
    A-CCKCamo/Khaki$ 5.00
    A-CFGFrayed/Green$ 5.00
    A-CFKFrayed/Khaki$ 5.00
    A-CFWFrayed/White$ 5.00
    A-CLBLightning Bolt/Black$ 5.00
    A-CLGLightning Bolt/Green$ 5.00
    A-CLKLightning Bolt/Khaki$ 5.00