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  • Large Barrier Nets

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    USABasketball, football, soccer ball, volleyballIdeal for Basketball, Football, Soccer, or Volley Ball, these large mesh (4" sq.) nets are made of 200 lb. test nylon cord, have a 5/16" poly rope border and a 2" metal ring in each corner. Treated with the same great weather protection as we use on our other sports nets. When suspending nets from cable, ask for metal clips to be placed every 5 to 10 feet. Clips may be added at a cost of $1.50 each.

    Length10 Ft. High15 Ft. High20 Ft. High25 Ft. High
    Net No.PriceNet No.PriceNet No.PriceNet No.Price
    20 Ft.S-BL1020$ 101.00S-BL1520$ 116.00S-BL2020$ 132.00S-BL2520$ 147.00
    40 Ft.S-BL1040$ 147.00S-BL1540$ 170.00S-BL2040$ 193.00S-BL2540$ 217.00
    60 Ft.S-BL1060$ 193.00S-BL1560$ 224.00S-BL2060$ 255.00S-BL2560$ 286.00
    80 Ft.S-BL1080$ 283.00S-BL1580$ 277.00S-BL2080$ 316.00S-BL2580$ 355.00
    100 Ft.S-BL10100$ 284.00S-BL15100$ 331.00S-BL20100$ 378.00S-BL25100$ 425.00