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    We are working on adding apparel to our selection. Please come back later to see our hats, shirts and more.

  • Caps

    Nets & More Hat Camo Black
    Nets & More Hat Camo Khaki
    Nets & More Hat Frayed Green
    Nets & More Hat Frayed Khaki
    Nets & More Hat Frayed White
    Nets & More Hat Lightning Black
    Lightning Black
    Nets & More Hat Lightning Green
    Lightning Green
    Nets & More Hat Lightning Khaki
    Lightning Khaki

    Stock NumberStylePrice Each
    A-CCBCamo/Black$ 5.00
    A-CCKCamo/Khaki$ 5.00
    A-CFGFrayed/Green$ 5.00
    A-CFKFrayed/Khaki$ 5.00
    A-CFWFrayed/White$ 5.00
    A-CLBLightning Bolt/Black$ 5.00
    A-CLGLightning Bolt/Green$ 5.00
    A-CLKLightning Bolt/Khaki$ 5.00

  • Hat/Tie Clips by Eagle Claw

    Eagle Claw hat and tie clips in platinum black, USA flag, and gold.
    StyleStock NumberPrice
    US FlagHE-HF$ 4.99
    Platinum BlackHE-HB$ 2.99
    GoldHE-HG$ 1.99