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  • Tarred Nylon Seine Twine

    USATarred Twist

    This black netcoat treated twine, a. k. a. bank line, is resistant to abrasion, mildew, rot, marine growth, and most chemicals. Stiff and at times tacky from the treat this line has excellent knotting qualities.

    Uses for this twine include trotlines, decopy line, net making and mending, workshop, crafts, gardening, construction, and commercial applications. Any place a high quality twisted tarred nylon twine is needed this Tarred twine will fill the bill.

    Tarred Nylon Seine Twine

    1 Lb. Spools1/4 Lb. SpoolsBulk 4 to 8 Lbs.
    Approx.Stock NumberPrice Per Lb.Stock NumberPrice Per Spl.Stock NumberPrice Per Lb.
    Ft/LbTestUnder 1212 & up
    6347550TWT-06$ 12.40$ 11.16TWT-06Q$ 4.40TWT-06B$ 10.54
    7280063TWT-07$ 11.21$ 10.09TWT-07Q$ 3.98TWT-07B$ 9.53
    9194486TWT-09$ 10.61$ 9.55TWT-09Q$ 3.77TWT-09B$ 9.02
    121689101TWT-12$ 10.21$ 9.19TWT-12Q$ 3.62TWT-12B$ 8.68
    151387121TWT-15$ 9.74$ 8.77TWT-15Q$ 3.46TWT-15B$ 8.28
    181018165TWT-18$ 9.74$ 8.77TWT-18Q$ 3.46TWT-18B$ 8.28
    24628260TWT-24$ 9.74$ 8.77TWT-24Q$ 3.46TWT-24B$ 8.28
    21802204TWT-21$ 9.74$ 8.77TWT-21Q$ 3.46TWT-21B$ 8.28
    30527309TWT-30$ 9.74$ 8.77TWT-30Q$ 3.46TWT-30B$ 8.28
    36461348TWT-36$ 9.74$ 8.77TWT-36Q$ 3.46TWT-36B$ 8.28
    42440372TWT-42$ 9.74$ 8.77TWT-42Q$ 3.46TWT-42B$ 8.28
    48342430TWT-48$ 9.88$ 8.89TWT-48Q$ 3.51TWT-48B$ 8.40
    60266558TWT-60$ 9.88$ 8.89TWT-60Q$ 3.51TWT-60B$ 8.40
    72239628TWT-72$ 9.88$ 8.89TWT-72B$ 8.40
    96158900TWT-96$ 9.88$ 8.89TWT-96B$ 8.40
    1201301100TWT-98$ 9.88$ 8.89TWT-98B$ 8.40

     Note: Bulk twine varies 4 to 8 pounds per tube. Order what you want and we will get as close as we can. The amount we ship may be a little more or a little less than you order. We will charge you for the amount shipped, therefore the total charged may not be same as shown in your shopping cart.