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  • Hand Fish Scalers


    Hand Scaler

    Lee Fisher Stainless Steel Fish Scaler

    Stk. No.  AF-FSSS
    $ 6.29 each




    Made in USA

    Fish Scaler

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    Bicco Plastic Fish Scaler

    Scales all fish -- Large and Small

    Perfectly Contoured to fit hand

    Absolutely Harmless

    Use with Right or Left hand

    Cuts work 90 percent

    Comes with how to use directions

    Stk. No. AU-9000
    $ 3.95 each


  • Rock-It Fish Scalers

    Made in USARock-It Fish ScalerRock-it Fish Scaler LabelStk. No. AF-SCALER
    $ 129.95 Each

    Scales up to 50 pan fish at one time, just tow behind the boat.