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  • 550 Paracord

    550 paracord, braided jacket with 7 strands550 paracord, strands visible

    This round braid 550 paracord has 7 strands inside the jacket. With a 550 lbs tensile strength, this cord is very popular with arts and crafts. Made in USA.

    ColorStock numberPrice
    Per 100'
    Stock NumberPrice
    Per 500'
    Stock NumberPrice
    Per 1000'
    BlackTWPC-BK1$ 5.95TWPC-BK5$ 19.95TWPC-BK10$ 34.95
    WhiteTWPC-W1$ 5.95TWPC-W5$ 19.95TWPC-W10$ 34.95
    BrownTWPC-BR1$ 5.95TWPC-BR5$ 19.95TWPC-BR10$ 34.95
    KhakiTWPC-K1$ 5.95TWPC-K5$ 19.95TWPC-K10$ 34.95
    GreenTWPC-G1$ 5.95TWPC-G5$ 19.95TWPC-G10$ 34.95

  • Paracord

    USAPara CordThis 100% nylon Paracord has a flat construction that gives it excellent knotting qualities. This strong, durable, abrasion resistant cord is ideal for any application that needs a long lasting UV resistant and rot resistant cord. This flat braid holds knots better than round braid.

    300' spools
    ColorTestStock NumberPrice per 300'
    Under 1212 & up
    Black375 lbTPB-42$ 10.50$ 9.45
    White750 lbTPW-84$ 21.10$ 18.99
    Black750 lbTPB-84$ 23.25$ 20.93

  • Camo netting

    Reclaimed 5/8 Netting is on square mesh!
    netting picture, square mesh
    Duck blind, deer stand camo netting, square cut. Netting is reclaimed seine netting of 5/8" square mesh. Mostly brown or black in color. May have holes.

    Stock no.SizePrice
    ACN-5205' x 20'$ 24.95
    ACN-5505' x 50'$ 59.95
    ACN-51005' x 100'$ 114.95
    ACN-102010' x 20'$ 47.95
    ACN-105010' x 50'$ 113.95
    ACN-1010010' x 100'$ 218.95

  • 2" Wide Roll Burlap

    2" wide burlap roll for camouflage purposes

    Great for gilley suits, deer or duck blinds. Approximately 300' long per roll.
    Colors: Dark brown, Tan, Burnt Orange.

    Stock number: BURLAP, $ 10.00 each.

  • Decoy Cord

    TWT Tarred Nylon Twine for use as decoy cord

    This black netcoat treated twine is resistant to abrasion, mildew, rot, marine growth, and most chemicals. Stiff and at times tacky from the treat this twine has excellent knotting qualities. TWT is twisted, TWI is braided twine.

    Uses for this twine include trot line, decoy line, net making and mending, workshop, crafts, gardening, construction, and commercial applications. Any place a high quality tarred nylon twine is needed this Tarred twine will fill the bill.

    1 Lb. SpoolsBulk 4 to 6 Lbs.
    TypeApprox.Stock NumberPrice Per Lb.Stock NumberPrice Per Lb.
    Ft/LbTestUnder 1212 & up
    18Twisted1018165TWT-18$ 9.74$ 8.77TWT-18B$ 8.28
    36Twisted461348TWT-36$ 9.74$ 8.77TWT-36B$ 8.28
    18Braided1045160TWI-18$ 15.23$ 13.71
    36Braided520300TWI-36$ 15.23$ 13.71
  • Deer Stand Seat Netting

    Most comfortable seat ever made. Made from 100% nylon netting. The netting has been dyed black. One pound of netting will make approximately 2-3 seats.

    Stretch netting around seat frame, cut to length, tie together with twine.

    Netting Stk No.Price per lb.
    N30B-1515$ 9.95

    Twine Stk No.Price per 1/4 lb. spool
    TWT-30Q$ 3.46

    Pre-made seats are available in the following widths:
    * May require disassembly of stand.

    Stk No.DescriptionPrice each
    ALL-1621" wide$ 10.00
    ALL-1924" wide$ 10.00

  • Caps

    Nets & More Hat Camo Black
    Nets & More Hat Camo Khaki
    Nets & More Hat Frayed Green
    Nets & More Hat Frayed Khaki
    Nets & More Hat Frayed White
    Nets & More Hat Lightning Black
    Lightning Black
    Nets & More Hat Lightning Green
    Lightning Green
    Nets & More Hat Lightning Khaki
    Lightning Khaki

    Stock NumberStylePrice Each
    A-CCBCamo/Black$ 5.00
    A-CCKCamo/Khaki$ 5.00
    A-CFGFrayed/Green$ 5.00
    A-CFKFrayed/Khaki$ 5.00
    A-CFWFrayed/White$ 5.00
    A-CLBLightning Bolt/Black$ 5.00
    A-CLGLightning Bolt/Green$ 5.00
    A-CLKLightning Bolt/Khaki$ 5.00