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     Bruce Mitchell from "Swamp People" is the Gator Man!

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    Bruce Mitchell from History Channel's hit TV show Swamp People has released his own cookbook! It's the perfect collaboration of Bruce's favorite recipes! It also includes some great lagniappe with pictures and stories! Family travels and beautiful local photography! Gator Man's Guide Includes: Over 20 easy-to-follow recipes with an inside look at Bruce's favorite recipes.


    Gator Man




    The Louisiana Seafood Bible

    by Gerald and Glenda Horst


    Each Book Signed by the Authors!

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    Jerald Glenda

    Jerald and Glenda Horst

    Jerald Horst and his wife Glenda of Franklinton, LA teamed up to write these 6 cook books. These books are a combination of fishing history, fishing reference, and cook books.

    Jerald retired as Professor of Fisheries from LSU in 1996. Since then he has authored a number of books relating to the fishing industry. His wife Glenda retired in 2006 from a career in HR and payroll.



    The six books of the Louisiana Seafood Bible series have been described as being half fishing history and reference book and half cookbook. Each book is devoted completely to a particular fishery, one book each for shrimp, crawfish, crabs, and oysters and two books on freshwater and saltwater fish.

    The detailed history section in the first half of each book is illustrated with rare photographs, some of them never before published, of the commercial fishery being discussed. This half of each book also takes people out on the water on a typical commercial fishing trip to illustrate the commercial fishing life and then takes the reader on an illustrated walk through a processing plant that cleans and packages fishermen’s catches.

    Also discussed in detail in this section is the biology of the seafood species being pursued, how to buy it, store it, freeze it, thaw it, the health benefits and risks of consumption, recognizing quality fish and shellfish, and the secrets to cooking the seafood under discussion.

    The second half of each book, the recipe section is perhaps even more unique than the first half, being loaded with tested and proven recipes gotten from commercial fishing families by the authors Jerald and Glenda Horst.

    Jerald was an LSU fisheries biologist and later a fisheries professor assigned to work with the commercial fishing industry from 1976 to 2006. As part of his job, he wrote a monthly fisheries newsletter for commercial fishermen and seafood dealers. At the end of each newsletter, he printed a fish or shellfish recipe.

    The very first recipes he used came from his and his wife Glenda’s (who is a commercial fisherman’s daughter) personal collection. Very quickly commercial fishing families who received his newsletter began sending their own family best recipes in for inclusion in the newsletter.

    This quickly became competitive, as the pair received many recipes each month, but could only print one. To make the best choice, they cooked each recipe as they received it. At the end of the month, they huddled and chose from the ones they had tested the best recipe for the month. That selection was printed in the newsletter that month.

    Jerald and Glenda did this every month for 30 years, and without realizing it at the time, accumulated a wonderful collection of the winners of the competition: the best of the best recipes from commercial fishing families who know seafood best.

    The fish books are particularly extensive and contain recipes for virtually every edible freshwater and saltwater species.

    Each book is bound in hard cover, printed on high quality slick paper and brilliantly illustrated with over 200 color photographs, as well as many black and white historical photographs.