Paracord-Braid - Nets & More

  • 550 Paracord

    550 paracord, braided jacket with 7 strands550 paracord, strands visible

    This round braid 550 paracord has 7 strands inside the jacket. With a 550 lbs tensile strength, this cord is very popular with arts and crafts. Made in USA.

    ColorStock numberPrice
    Per 100'
    Stock NumberPrice
    Per 500'
    Stock NumberPrice
    Per 1000'
    BlackTWPC-BK1$ 5.95TWPC-BK5$ 19.95TWPC-BK10$ 34.95
    WhiteTWPC-W1$ 5.95TWPC-W5$ 19.95TWPC-W10$ 34.95
    BrownTWPC-BR1$ 5.95TWPC-BR5$ 19.95TWPC-BR10$ 34.95
    KhakiTWPC-K1$ 5.95TWPC-K5$ 19.95TWPC-K10$ 34.95
    GreenTWPC-G1$ 5.95TWPC-G5$ 19.95TWPC-G10$ 34.95

  • Paracord

    USAPara CordThis 100% nylon Paracord has a flat construction that gives it excellent knotting qualities. This strong, durable, abrasion resistant cord is ideal for any application that needs a long lasting UV resistant and rot resistant cord. This flat braid holds knots better than round braid.

    300' spools
    ColorTestStock NumberPrice per 300'
    Under 1212 & up
    Black375 lbTPB-42$ 10.50$ 9.45
    White750 lbTPW-84$ 21.10$ 18.99
    Black750 lbTPB-84$ 23.25$ 20.93