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    Due to their high catch rate nets are not legal in many states for sport fishing. It is your responsibility to comply with fishing regulations.


    FNC does not report the sale of any items to any law enforcement agencies. FNC has never been subpoenaed to disclose any sales records. It is the customer’s responsibility to comply with all fishing regulations. FNC is not in violation of any laws by selling nets that are not legal to fish. Legality differs from area to area. If you are concerned about the legality of any product it is your responsibility to make the determination if it is legal or not. However, FNC encourages the observance of all laws. FNC provides a link to the following web site for your convenience if you wish to pursue what is or is not legal in your area.

    Click this link to US Fish and Wildlife for help with regulations.


    The most common type survival net is the gill net.Gill nets are vertical panels of netting normally set in a straight line. Fish may be caught by gill nets in 4 ways: (1) wedged – held by the mesh around the body (2) gilled – held by mesh slipping behind the opercula, (3) tangled – held by teeth, spines, or fins without the body penetrating the mesh, or (4) pulled along a shoreline as a seine to collect a group of fish.  Most often fish are gilled.  A fish swims into a net and passes only part way through the mesh.  When it struggles to free itself, the twine slips behind the gill cover and prevents escape.

    To use a gill net, simply string it between two anchor points and allow it to hang straight down in the water.  The top of the net does not need to be at the surface of the water. The net can be strung across a stream or in a pond or a lake. Using a gill net in a large body of water, the net can be anchored by sticks in the water in a circle similar to a fish trap, or the net can be pulled through the water along a shoreline as a seine to collect a group of fish. By closing both ends, the fish are then trapped.

    If you can’t get to water or are tired of fish, gill nets can be used for catching birds.  Simply string it in the trees.  Or for birds like quail set it low and drive them into it.  With a little imagination, it can also be used to catch rabbits and other small game.

    Most web sites recommend a 4’ X 12’ X 1.5” mesh for a survival gill net. These nets come with netting and the ropes for top and bottom are not attached. Our nets are fully assembled, are lighter, take up less room, and we think will catch better than these nets. Although there are a lot more smaller fish than there are larger fish, most fish caught in a 1.5” mesh are awfully small for eating. We recommend a 2” mesh (or larger) to catch eating fish.

    Gillnets are extremely effective and their use is closely regulated by fisheries management and enforcement agencies.  If you choose to use a gill net in a survival situation, be careful that you do not catch more fish that you can use or preserve.

    We don't believe one survival net fits all situations so we offer different solutions to different needs.

    For the hiker we recommend a small light gill net that is 3' X 15' with a 2" mesh. This net comes with a top and bottom string attached to the net. Just take out and start fishing.

    SG-32015 survival net
    Stock No. SG-32015 - Price $ 14.95

    For the camper we recommend a gill net that is 4' X 50' with a 2" mesh. This gill net that comes complete with a top string tied in.

    SG-42050 survival net
    Stock No. SG-42050 - Price $ 22.95

    For the survivoralist we recommend a gill net that is 6' X 75' with a 2" mesh. This gill net comes complete with a top and bottom string tied in.

    SG-62075 survival net
    Stock No. SG-62075 - Price $ 63.95

    For the prepper we recommend two different gill nets. First we recommend a gill net that is 6' X 100' with a 2" mesh. Second we recommend a gill net that is 6' X 100' with a 3" mesh. This net is for catching larger fish. Both of these nets come with a float rope and a lead core rope already tied in.

    SG-620100 survival netfloat ropelead core rope
    2" mesh Stock No. SG-620100 - Price $ 94.95

    3" mesh Stock No. SG-630100 - Price $ 92.95