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    Judge Boothe and alligator

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     How to catch alligators. Printable PDF.

    See the instruction video for How to set hooks and lines for alligators.

    See the instruction video for How to tie lines to alligator hooks.

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    Mustad 3407-BR forged alligator hooks HK-FB HK-FC

    Alligator Hooks

    Mustad No. 3407-BR
    Forged, ringed, and bronzed; these hooks are
    very popular with alligator fishermen.

    12/0 is the most popular size.

    10/0 Stk. No. HK-FA $ 0.63 each
    or $ 32.00 per 100
    12/0 Stk. No. HK-FB $ 1.01 each
    or $ 58.00 per 100
    14/0 Stk. No. HK-FC $ 2.23 each
    or $ 149.00 per 100

    Mustad No. 3407-DT
    Forged, ringed, and cadium plated; these hooks are
    same as above but silver color and large eyed.

    12/0 Stk. No. HK-F12

    $ 1.20 each
    or $ 62.00 per 100

    Alligator Fishing Method with Hook and Line

    • Suspend hook and line above water, 1 to 2 feet.
    • Use about 30 feet of line, of 300 lb test or more.
    • Use a clothes pin to hold the line, for easy line removal by the alligator.
    • Coil the remainder of the line, at the base, to prevent tangling.
    • Dispatch the alligator immediately.

    Alligators are nocturnal and most catches will be made at night. Although it is not legal to take alligators at night, many hunters scout for gators at night to find where the big ones are.

    Baited hooks and lines are suspended above the water by some type of structure. In most cases hunters will use poles, branches, or trees to suspend baits as well as provide for a stationary object for securing the end of the line. The most commonly used baits are chicken quarters or beef melt.

    Approximately 30’ of line is tied off to the bottom of the structure while the baited hook end is suspended about 1-2’ above the water surface. Most hunters hang the bait higher at the beginning of the season to prevent smaller gators from taking the bait. As the season goes on the bait can be lowered to increase the probability of a catch. The baited end is suspended in such a manner to allow for easy line removal by an alligator.

    Clothes pins are most often used to hold lines to facilitate easy line removal. Excess line is rolled up near the base of the structure.Take care to coil the line so it will not tangle. Alligators (feeding primarily at night) will take the bait.

    Once alligator lines are set and baited, alligator hunters should inspect their hooks and lines and remove captured alligators daily. Alligators should be dispatched immediately upon checking lines. Shot placement should be centered directly behind the skull.

    In the event that an alligator is hooked and the hunter’s quota has been reached, the hunter should immediately release the alligator in the most humane method possible. Most alligators swallow the hook and the stomach acids will dissolve the hook. All hooks and lines should be removed when an alligator hunter’s quota is reached.


     Hook Eye Size









    HK-FA #96 5/32"
    HK-FB #120 3/16"
    HK-C #120 1/4"
    HK-F12 #120 5/16"
    HK-A30 ----- 3/8"
    HK-A35 ----- 3/8"

     We recommend 1/4" or less.


    Mustad alligator hooks 34970 3/0 and 3.5/0 size

    3/0 Stk. No. HK-A30

    $ 2.45 each
    or $ 19.60 per 10

    3.5/0 Stk. No. HK-A35

    $ 2.63 each
    or $ 21.00 per 10


  • Gator Getter

    Gator Getter - Alligator Kit

    Gator Getter hook and line AGG-1 Gator Getter hook and line AGG-6

    35' heavy duty alligator line with 12/0 alligator hook, clothespin, and instructions.

    1-pack Stk. No. AGG-1

    $ 4.95 Each


    6-pack Stk. No. AGG-6

    1 to 5 6-packs $ 25.95 per 6-pack

    6 or more 6-packs $ 24.65 per 6-pack

    How to catch alligators (PDF)


  • Gator Grabber

    Gator Grabber as seen on Swamp People - AGG-H14

    Gator Grabber - Alligator Snagging Hook

    As used by Jr and Willie Edwards on "Swamp People"!

    Made of 3 of the 14/0 gator hooks, with 6 oz of lead.
    Stk. No. AGG-H14

    $ 14.95 Each


  • Alligator Fishing Twine and Rope

    Tarred Nylon Seine Twine

    This black netcoat treated twine is resistant to abrasion, mildew, rot, marine growth, and most chemicals. Stiff and at times tacky from the treat this twine has excellent knotting qualities.

    Uses for this twine include trot line, decoy line, net making and mending, workshop, crafts, gardening, construction, and commercial applications. Any place a high quality twisted tarred nylon twine is needed this tarred twine will fill the bill.

    1 Lb. SpoolsBulk 4 to 6 Lbs.
    Price per Lb.Stock
    Price per Lb.
    Ft/LbTestUnder 1212 & up
    96158900TWT-96$ 9.88$ 8.89TWT-96B$ 8.40
    1201301100TWT-98$ 9.88$ 8.89TWT-98B$ 8.40

    Solid Braid Nylon

    This heavy duty rope has numerous applications. It has excellent strength and is resistant to rot, abrasion, and damage by oil, gasoline, mildew, marine growth, and most chemicals. Used extensively for engine starter cord, this rope can be used anywhere a strong, durable rope is needed.

    1 Lb. SpoolsBulk 4 to 6 Lbs.600 ft. spools
    SizeDiameterLb. TestStock
    #55/32"700RSB-51$ 9.04RSB-53$ 14.80RSB-56$ 25.66
    #63/16"900RSB-61$ 11.73RSB-63$ 20.18RSB-66$ 36.42
    #81/4"1400RSB-81$ 17.39RSB-83$ 31.49RSB-86$ 59.04