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  • Monofilament vs. Nylon

    As its name implies "Monofilament Netting" is netting that is made from a single filament string. "Multifilament Netting" is netting that is made from a string composed of many tiny filaments. In the fishing industry “Nylon” netting generally refers to multifilament nylon netting while “Monofilament” generally refers to Nylon monofilament netting. There is also a multi-mono netting where two or more monofilament strings are slightly twisted together before being made into netting.

    A tough decision for some fishermen is whether to use conventional multifilament nylon netting or monofilament nylon netting. Monofilament is also referred to, in the fishing industry, as Glass or Cat Gut netting. Each have some good features and each have some disadvantages. Multifilament nylon is more limp and will bag a fish a little easier than monofilament. This means a wider range of fish size in nets made of multifilament netting. Multifilament is harder to keep clean because sticks and cockleburs do hang in this type netting. Monofilament is not quite as strong as nylon, but in clear water, fish will hit the monofilament better because they can’t see it as well. Sticks and cockleburs will fall right out of monofilament netting just by shaking it. Since monofilament is a single strand, it is harder on your hands and more difficult to see when taking your fish out. To sum it all up, if you are fishing clear water, or having trouble with sticks and trash in your nets, a monofilament net will work better for you.

    Here at "The Fish Net Company LLC" all our netting (multifilament and monofilament) is nylon, unless it is specifically stated to not be nylon.

  • Monofilament Super Trammel Nets

    Click this link to Type of Gill Nets for an explination of the different types of Gill Nets.

    Click this link to Gillnetting-Wikipedia for additional information on gillnetting.

     Proudly Made in the USAMonofilament super trammel net

     Features for “Super Trammel Nets”

    ⇒ 750 or more feet of netting per 300 feet of net.
    ⇒ 4,6,8, &10 feet deep nets have 4 feet of bottom bag.
    ⇒ 5, 7 & 9 feet deep nets have 3 feet of bottom bag.
    ⇒ Tie length is same as square wall size.
    ⇒ 1/2" float rope and 3/16" poly top rope.
    ⇒ 30 lb. leadcore rope leadline.

    DepthSq. WallMono SizeCatalog Number and Price Per Foot
    2" Sq. 4" Str.2 1/2" Sq. 5" Str.3" Sq. 6" Str.3 1/4" Sq. 6 1/2" Str.3 1/2" Sq. 7" Str.4" Sq. 8" Str.
    Net No.PriceNet No.PriceNet No.PriceNet No.PriceNet No.PriceNet No.Price
    4 Ft.14"#6TMS-EP620$ 1.61TMS-EP625$ 1.56TMS-EP630$ 1.56TMS-EP632$ 1.56TMS-EP635$ 1.54TMS-EP640$ 1.54
    4 Ft.14"#8TMS-EP830$ 1.60TMS-EP832$ 1.61TMS-EP835$ 1.57TMS-EP840$ 1.58
    5 Ft.18"#6TMS-FT620$ 422.65TMS-FT625$ 1.33TMS-FT630$ 1.33TMS-FT632$ 1.31TMS-FT635$ 1.32TMS-FT640$ 1.31
    5 Ft.18"#8TMS-FT830$ 1.38TMS-FT832$ 1.37TMS-FT835$ 1.35TMS-FT840$ 1.34
    6 Ft.14"#6TMS-GP620$ 511.64TMS-GP625$ 1.64TMS-GP630$ 1.63TMS-GP632$ 1.63TMS-GP635$ 1.61TMS-GP640$ 1.60
    6 Ft.14"#8TMS-GP830$ 1.68TMS-GP835$ 1.65TMS-GP840$ 1.64
    7 Ft.16"#6TMS-HR620$ 1.56TMS-HR625$ 1.51TMS-HR630$ 1.51TMS-HR632$ 1.51TMS-HR635$ 1.48TMS-HR640$ 1.46
    7 Ft.16"#8TMS-HR830$ 1.56TMS-HR835$ 1.53TMS-HR840$ 1.49
    8 Ft.18"#6TMS-IT620$ 1.52TMS-IT625$ 437.23TMS-IT630$ 1.42TMS-IT632$ 1.40TMS-IT635$ 1.39TMS-IT640$ 1.37
    8 Ft.18"#8TMS-IT830$ 1.49TMS-IT832$ 1.48TMS-IT835$ 1.45TMS-IT840$ 436.36
    8 Ft.14"#6TMS-IP620$ 1.80TMS-IP625$ 1.73TMS-IP630$ 1.73TMS-IP632$ 1.73TMS-IP635$ 1.69TMS-IP640$ 1.69
    8 Ft.14"#8TMS-IP830$ 1.80TMS-IP832$ 1.82TMS-IP835$ 1.74TMS-IP840$ 1.74
    9 Ft.16"#6TMS-JR620$ 1.68TMS-JR625$ 1.62TMS-JR630$ 1.62TMS-JR632$ 1.62TMS-JR635$ 1.59TMS-JR640$ 1.56
    9 Ft.16"#8TMS-JR830$ 1.69TMS-JR832$ 1.70TMS-JR835$ 1.64TMS-JR840$ 1.60
    10 Ft.18"#6TMS-KT630$ 1.53TMS-KT632$ 1.51TMS-KT635$ 1.50TMS-KT640$ 1.48
    10 Ft.18"#8TMS-KT830$ 1.61TMS-KT835$ 1.53TMS-KT840$ 1.53
    10 Ft.14"#6TMS-KP630$ 1.83TMS-KP632$ 1.84TMS-KP635$ 549.06TMS-KP640$ 1.80
    10 Ft.14"#8TMS-KP830$ 1.90TMS-KP835$ 1.82TMS-KP840$ 1.85

    Set up charge for less than 300 feet is Stock Number TN-SHORT - Add $ 10.00 per net

    5 % Discount on 4 to 9 100 yard nets. ­­- Phone for price on 10 or more nets.
    For lengths less than 100 yards, figure price per foot, plus set up charge for each net. (Minimum $50.00)

    Options for "Super Trammel Nets"

    Floating type net - 5/8” float rope & 20# leadcore lead line for 14" wall nets. Stock Number TN-FL14 - Add $ 0.03 per foot.

    Floating type net - 5/8” float rope & 20# leadcore lead line for 16" wall nets. Stock Number TN-FL16 - Add $ per foot.

    Floating type net - 5/8” float rope & 20# leadcore lead line for 18" wall nets. Stock Number TN-FL18 - Add $ 0.03 per foot.

    Extra Mesh Per Tie for 14" wall nets. Stock Number TN-XM14 - Add $ 0.04 per foot.

    Extra Mesh Per Tie for 16" wall nets.  Stock Number TN-XM16 - Add $ 0.04 per foot.

    Extra Mesh Per Tie for 18" wall nets.  Stock Number TN-XM18 - Add $ 0.04 per foot.


    Monofilament walling is presently available in 8’ and 10’ deep nets in 18” sq. walling only.
    Nets hung with monofilament walling:

    Stock No. TN-MW18 Add $0.10 per foot.

    Leaded Gill Nets, Tie Down Gill Nets, & Trammel Nets are all available with nylon netting

    #139 Nylon is the same price as #6 Mono
    #208 Nylon is the same price as #8 Mono