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  • PVC Molded Boots

    Black PVC Boots


    White PVC Boots


    These durable, high-grade PVC wide shaft boots are 100% waterproof and come fully lined, with molded insole, and toe bumper for long wear. Both BO-K and BO-V series have bar cleat soles. Flexible in cold weather, they resist acids, oils, caustics, alcohol, fats and more. The BO-K series boots come with cutting bands.

    Sizes 6-13.


    Black boots


    White boots

    (Made in USA)

    6 BO-K6 BO-V6
    7 BO-K7 BO-V7
    8 BO-K8 BO-V8
    9 BO-K9 BO-V9
    10 BO-K10 BO-V10
    11 BO-K11 BO-V11
    12 BO-K12 BO-V12
    13 BO-K13

    BO-K Series are Black 16” high knee boots $ 18.95 pr.
    BO-V Series are White 10” high shrimpers boots $ 28.95 pr.