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  • Fish Grip

    Fish Grip

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    Fish Grip is 11" long.

    Fish Grip Junior is 7" long.

    Stock Number Size Color Price
    AU-3780AA Fish Grip All American $ 14.95
    AU-3780BLK Fish Grip Black $ 14.95
    AU-3780GL Fish Grip Glow In Dark $ 14.95
    AU-J3780AA Fish Grip Junior All American $ 10.95
    AU-J3780GL Fish Grip Junior Glow In Dark $ 10.95

    Mark Davis

    Mark Davis, Host of Bigwater Adventures TV Show

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    Notice to Conservation-Minded Anglers:

    Anglers who wish to release their catch in a relatively unharmed condition should discontinue the ancient practice of lifting a fish from the water by its mouth. Recent scientific studies reveal that this could possibly be a death sentence, expecially for larger fish. Though they may vigorusly swim away after being photographed, weighed, and released, fish could slowly hermorrhage and die if held up by the mouth.
     A fish's delicate internal organs are shifted and damaged by gravity alone when held out of water in a vertical position. We strongly recommend gaining good control of a fish while it is still in the water by clamping the Fish Grip onto its jaw. This will enable the angler to more securly lift the fish horizontally from the water with a hand under the fish's belly for support.

    The Fish Grip is a fish landing device developed by an expert angler and used by many fishing guides. You have our assurance that this quality product will help successfully land fish with less chance of injury to either the fish or the fisherman.



    Captain's Caddy

    Fish Grip

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    Wheather you're guiding clients to hungry fish or enjoying time on the water with family, time spent searching for misplaced tools is time wasted. Look no further than the Captain's Caddy.

    This innovative multi-sheath can be worn on a belt or mounted easily to most surfaces with stanless steel hardware (included), and its tough nylon web construction ensures it will stand up to the harshest elements.

    Though designed specifically for the Fish Grips, D-Gouger and needle-nose pliers, the Captain's Caddy will hold a variety of tools fishermen use most.

    Scaler, Fish Grip, and D-Gouger sold seperately.

    Caddy can be used to hold other items!.

    Stk. No. AU-7010

    $ 10.95 each